All of our gelato is homemade in Keswick, using traditional Italian techniques

Much like you would find In Rome or Florence.

Each flavour has its own recipe carefully crafted by our team of chefs using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. We strive to offer a product that is not only unique but also uses ingredients in their most natural form, this means that our strawberry gelato is made using real strawberries and our tiramisu is made using mascarpone, espresso and masarla wine.

Our display cabinet at the lake road shop houses 28 pans and the flavours change on a daily basis, we like to keep things interesting for both our staff and our customers and so we are always open to ideas and welcome any new suggestions.

We'd Love to serve you!

Ever tried Dark Chocolate Sorbet?

We offer a range of fruit, nut and speciality gelato as well as water based sorbets, yoghurts, cheesecakes and diabetic flavours.

We do ask that if you have any serious allergies you specify to us as each batch is made individually and may contain trace elements of different ingredients.

Fresh Homemade Waffles

We also offer milkshakes and homemade waffles made fresh to order using any gelato of your choice.

Celebrate with Italian Gelato Cakes

Starting this winter we will be making custom, made-to-order gelato cakes, or as they are known in Italy ‘semifreddo’. Fancy a change from your traditional Christmas cake? Or want something a little different to sweeten up a special event? Gelato Casa Bella has the answer! Lead times are usually 1 week. To enquire about our Gelato cakes, click here to enquire.